Sam Elgreco


Sam Elgreco

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Group Show
Astro -
Maxence Doré -
Sam Elgreco -
Erik Minter
February 10th, 2023 to April 1st, 2023


Born in 1986 in Sao-Paulo, Brazil.
Lives and works in Buenos-Aires, Argentina.

He went through various aesthetic stages until reached geometric abstraction. This work talks about compositional exercises and color studies. The images of his pictorial language are associations of shapes and colors that come from anime, electronic music, nature and the digital world, is characterized by constant production of paintings on canvas, wood collage, large format murals, digital illustration and animation. In his pieces he proposes to break the forms of assembly of pure geometric figures, seeking to generate movement, volume, textures through different materials, works on the decomposition of light with a post-graffiti neo-futuristic aesthetic.


Recent exhibitions (selection) 


2012 Turbo Gallery, Arte Ba Fair Group, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2013 Paraibuna, Graffiti Vale Festival, Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Newcastle Art Space, The Talking walls of BuenosAires, London, England. 

2014 The Clubhouse, Pop Up Art Show, Palermo Soho, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Fridge Dc Gallery Art, White walls say nothing, Washington DC, USA.
Mock Gallery, Una Visión Natural, Recoleta, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Contemporary Art Gallery Asunción, Niño Project Artistic Residence, El Contenedor, Paraguay.

2015 Thinkspace Gallery, Fullerton Museum, Fullerton CA, USA.
UNION Art Gallery, Atmosphere, Palermo, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Villa Crespo, Pirámide Selva Festival G104, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2016 Punto Contemporary Art Gallery, Dirty hands, La Boca, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Animal Dreams Gallery, Palermo, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Casa A, Mundo Geométrico, Palermo, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Unión Gallery, Palermo, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Concreto Festival, Fortaleza, Brazil.
Casa Pueblo Museum, Punta del Este, Uruguay.

2018 Alpha Centaury Gallery, Abasto, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Elsi Del Río Contemporary Art Gallery, Palermo Soho, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
CBC Bank Foundation, Linaje Doble Solo Show with Sol del Rio, Recoleta, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
FIAU International Fair of Urban Art, Santa Fé, Mexico.
MUTEM (Tequila and Mezcal Museum), Punto de fuga, El Zócalo CDMX, Mexico.

2019 Azur Gallery Contemporary Art, Volumenes, Recoleta, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Marq. (Architecture Museum of Buenos Aires), Art and Tech, Recoleta, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2021 Elsi Del Río contemporary Art, El otro lado de la geometría, Recoleta, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Praxis Gallery, Recoleta, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Fortabat Museum Buenos Aires, Art.Tech, Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2022 Aesse studio Gallery, Better Together, Antwerp. Belgium.