Simon Berger


Simon Berger


Shows at Mazel Galerie

Simon Berger
February 11th, 2022 to March 26th, 2022
Group Show
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Martin Whatson
March 19th, 2021 to April 17th, 2021


Born in 1976, In Switzerland.
Lives and works in Niëderonz, Switzerland.

Contemporary master glassmaker, Simon Berger speaks a singular plastic language by exploring the material in depth. His material is the glass that he strikes, lacerates or cracks with a hammer. The glass becomes the support of an expression by impacts which uses transparency. The closer and shorter the blows are, the more the shadows and contrasts increase. The wider the stroke, the more translucent beams are created. In his hands, there is nothing destructive about the hammer. It acts as an effect amplifier. 


Solo shows  


2017 Buchvernissage Ausstellung Oberaargau, Switzerland. 

2020 Galerie Idroom, Il Salotto dell'arte cotemporena, Genève, Switzerland.


Group shows 

2014 Galerie Näijerhuus, Heinrichswil,Switzerland.
Kunstweg Melchnau, Switzerland.

2015 Kunstweg Attiswil, Switzerland.

2016 Motorex Auftragsarbeit Langenthal, Switzerland.

2018 Galerie Alte Brennerei, Unterramsern, Switzerland.

2019 Galerie Artsübli, Basel, Switzerland.

2020 Galerie Art 87, Switzerland.
Galerie Alte Brennerei, Unterramsern, Switzerland.

2021 Mazel Galerie, Break that wall, Brussels, Belgium.
Galerie Artsübli, Urban Art Fair, Paris, France.
Mazel Galerie, Luxembourg Art Week, Luxembourg.