Born in Ketrzyn, Poland in 1979.

Lives and works between Germany and Switzerland.


Solo shows.


2008 Hinterconti, TenTen, Hambourg, Germany.

2009 Slowboy Gallery, No more more more, Düsseldorf, Germany.

2010 Halbacht Galerie, Minus Minus, Hamburg, Germany.
ATM Gallery, 
OMU, Berlin, Germany.

2011 Frappant e.V., High Five UniverseHamburg, Germany.
Kunst-Nah, Fission | Fusion, Hamburg, Germany.

2014 Affenfaust Gallery, AbyssHamburg, Germany.

2015 Hashimoto Contemporary, Limbus, San Francisco, USA.
Backside Gallery, Mise en Abyme, Marseille, France.
Soon Gallery, 1118, Duoshow with 108, Bern, Switzerland.
Affenfaust Gallery, False Flag City, Duoshow with Julian Gorten, Hamburg, Germany.

2016 10AM Art Contemporary, Serendipity, Milano, Italiy.
Hashimoto Contemporary, Eversion, San Francisco, USA.

2018 Saltfineart, Gravity, Laguna Beach, USA.

2019 Avenue Des Arts, Euphoria, Los Angeles, USA.


Group shows


2010 Trancepop Gallery, Kyoto, Japan.
Hiromart Gallery, Thanks, here we go, Tokyo, Japan.
Neurotitan, As if by magic, Berlin, Germany.
Recoat Gallery, Glasgow, Scotland.

2011 Helium Artspace, Hounds of Hell, Hamburg/Berlin, Germany.

2014 Artmossphere, Moscow, Russia.
Colab Gallery, Public Provocation, Weil am Rhein, Germany.

2016 Honolulu Museum of Art, The 3rd Annual POW! WOW!: Exploring The New Contemporary Art Movement Exhibition, USA.
Marion Gallery, Spectra, Panama City, Panama.
Urbannation Berlin, PM9 Colors, Berlin, Germany.

2017 Fort Wayne Museum of Art, Juxtapozed, Fort Wayne, USA.
Mesa Comporary Art Museum, Flourish, Mesa, USA.

2018 GR Gallery, Chimera, New York, USA.

2019  Affenfaust Galerie, Knotenpunkt Festival, Germany.
Danysz Gallery, Shapes and Illusions, Paris, France.

2021 Danysz Gallery, Divertimento, Orléans, France.

2023 Danysz Gallery, Vibrations, Shanghai, China.

2024 Mazel Galerie, Urban Art Fair, Paris, France.





2019 International Corporate Art, Atlanta, USA.

2020 Boston Seaport, Boston, USA.

2021 Goldman Global Art, Miami, USA.

2021 NoKings Collective Silver Spring Washington DC, USA.

2022 Stadt Pforzheim, Pforzheim, Allemagne.
Lyra, Rockrose New York, USA.