Hua Tunan


Hua Tunan

Shows at Mazel Galerie

Hua Tunan
May 19th, 2022 to June 4th, 2022
Group Show
C215 -
Fidia Falaschetti -
Hua Tunan -
Levalet -
Erik Minter
October 17th, 2020 to November 28th, 2020
Hua Tunan
April 17th, 2020 to July 18th, 2020


Chen Yingjie aka Hua Tuanan is born in Foshan, Guangdong, China in 1991.

Lives and works in Shunde, Guangdong, China. 

Solo Shows

2015 Galerie F Gallery, Earth Spirit, Chicago, USA.

2016 BMW Experience Center, BMW G12 Art Appreciation, Shanghai, China.

2017 Island House, WWF TX2 Tiger Conservation, Hong Kong, China.

2018 Magda Danysz Gallery, Shaping the Essence, Shanghai, China.

2019 The Art Gallery, Lion Dance Cultural Symbol, Chicago, USA.

2020 Mazel Galerie, The Balance of Nature, Brussels, Belgium.
White Stone, Critical Point, Taipei, Taiwan.
Dong Gallery, Digital Exhibition, Taipei, Taiwan.

2021 Magda Danysz Gallery, Revival, Shanghai, Chine.
Whitestone Gallery, Inevitability, Taipei City, Taiwan.

2022 Mazel Galerie, Walking on the wind, Brussels, Belgium.

Group Shows 

2012 Volvo Art Session, Suisse.

2013 Louis Vuitton, Journey, Shanghai, Chine.

2014 Penrith Regional Gallery & The Lewers Bequest, Wonder Mountain, Sydney, Australie.

2015 Wildaid Mobula Protection Project, Guangzhou, Chine.

2016 CAFA Art Museum, Art From The Street, Pékin, Chine.
Magda Danysz Gallery, Fireworks, Shanghai, Chine.
Dubai City Street Museum, Mural project, Dubai.
Graffiti Street UK, Underground, Londres, Angleterre.

2017 WWF X Tiger 3890, Tigers Project, Singapour.

2018 Art Science Museum, Art From The Streets, Singapour.
Parkview Green Art Festival, Fractal, Pékin, Chine.
X2 Playground, BMW Creation Project, Shanghai, Chine. 

2019 Magda Danysz Gallery, Asia Now, Paris, France.
Mazel Galerie, Luxembourg Art Week, Luxembourg.

2020 Sotheby's Gallery, Eye/East, Hong-Kong
Mazel Galerie, Booth Project for Paris, Brussels, Belgium.

2021 Mazel Galerie, Brussels Art Square, Brussels, Belgium.
Mazel Galerie, Luxembourg Art Week, Luxembourg. 

2022 Whitestone Gallery, Art Central, Hong-Kong, China.

Orders and public collections

Riverside Group, Pékin, Chine
Contemporary Museum of Honolulu, Honolulu, USA.
WWF Hongkong , Chine
Capitaland Group, Singapour
Asia Pacific Breweries, Singapour
BMW China Automotive Trading Ltd.