Logan Hicks


Logan Hicks

Shows at Mazel Galerie

Logan Hicks
November 19th, 2021 to January 29th, 2022
Group Show
Brusk -
Vincent Corpet -
C215 -
Maike Freess -
Gris1 -
Logan Hicks -
Levalet -
Stéphane Pencréac'h -
Martin Whatson
March 19th, 2021 to April 17th, 2021
Group Show
C215 -
Hubert le Gall -
Quentin Garel -
Logan Hicks -
Stan Manoukian -
Till Rabus -
Samina -
Martin Whatson
January 7th, 2020 to February 1st, 2020
Group Show
C215 -
Logan Hicks -
Samina -
Softtwix -
Stom500 -
Martin Whatson
September 14th, 2019 to November 17th, 2019


Born in 1971, in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

Lives and works in Brooklyn, New-York, USA. 


Solo shows 

2001 Mathlab, San Diego, USA.
UnUn, San Diego, USA. 

2002 LuckyStar Studios, Milwaukee, USA. 

2003 The Lab 101 Gallery, Uncovered, Santa Monica, USA.
Sample Agency, Los Angeles, USA. 

2004 Magdalena Festival, Maribor, Slovenia.
Luckystar Studios, Milwaukee, USA.
M.R.. Wolfe & Associates, San Francisco, USA.

2006 Per Square Metre, Melbourne, Australia.
The Bin, Cape Town, South Africa.
The Social Trust, Los Angeles, USA.
K-Spray, Shanghai, China.
K-Spray, Cape Town, South Africa.

2007 BLVD Gallery Seattle, Washington, USA.

2008 Per Square Metre, Melbourne, Australia.
Black Rat Gallery, London, England.

2010 Galerie Itinerrance, Paris, France.

2011 Opera Gallery, Pretty Ugly, New-York, USA.

2012 The Outsiders, Structural Integrity, London, England.
Opera Gallery, Paris, France. 

2013 LACE Gallery, Thin Veils And Heavy Anchors, Los Angeles, USA.

2014 PMM Art Projects, Love Never Saved Anything, New-York, USA.    
Scope Art Fair, Destination Unknown, Miami, USA.

2015 Highline Loft, Calm Before the Storm, NY, USA
1am gallery, Momento Mori, San-Francisco, USA.

2016 Galo Art Gallery, Turin, Italia.

2017 Taglialatella Gallery, Story of my Life release, New York, USA.

2018 Open Space Gallery, Nightcrawlers and Lightseekers, Paris, France.

2019 Taglialatella Galleries, Nature, New-York, USA.

2020 Galerie Joël Knafo, Paris, France.

2021 Mazel Galerie, Still New York, Brussels, Belgium.

Group shows 

2000 CBGB Gallery, DIY-fest, New York, USA.
ModArt, San Diego, USA.

2001 838g, Last Mash-up group show, San Diego, USA.
Foundation Skate show, Understood, San Diego, USA.
G-Spot, Surface Tension group show, Baltimore, USA.
Starscape, Baltimore, USA.
Boarding for Breast Cancer, New York, San Francisco & Telluride, USA.

2002 Crewest Gallery, Souled Out, Los Angeles, USA.
UnUn Boutique, Sudden Form, San Diego, USA. 
Cannibal Flower, Los Angeles, USA.
Boarding for Breast Cancer, NY, SF, CO, USA.
Mobius Studios, Los Angeles, USA.
Cannibal Flower, Boardners, Los Angeles, USA.
Crewest Gallery, Can-ceptual, Alhambrha, USA.
LuckyStar Studios, Milwaukee, USA.
Cannibal Flower, Los Angeles, USA.
Artscape, Baltimore, USA.
Fusion, Fixins.com, Boardners, Los Angeles, USA.
Stensoul, Los Angeles, USA.
Artazart, Paris, France.
Culture Cache Gallery, Fab Five, San Francisco, USA.

2003 Impero Media Gallery, Whats your 20?, San Diego, USA.
The GreenBean, Greensboro, USA.
Punch Gallery, Stencil Archive Show, San Francisco, USA.
Rocket Gallery, Up Our Sleeve, Tokyo, Japon.
Punch Gallery, Up Our Sleeve, San Francisco, USA.
The Omniplex,Tonic, Oklahoma City, USA.,
Camp Fig, Raw Stitches, Austin, USA.
Crewest Gallery, Alhambra, USA.
Treefort Gallery, Yo Kid, It’s In the Bag, Los Angeles, USA.
Streetwise Two, Berlin, Allemagne.
Cpop Gallery, Bomp Pop, Detroit, USA.
Camp Fig, Metal Jacket, Austin, USA.
SubShoe Room, San Francisco, USA.
StartSOMA, San Francisco, USA.
The Green Bean, Greensborough, USA.
Millicent, A Family Affair, Los Angeles, USA.
Black Market, Los Angeles, USA.
Luckystar Studios, Milwaukee, USA.
Cannibal Flower, Los Angeles, USA.

2004 Create:Fixate, Los Angeles, USA.
1300 Gallery, Cleveland, USA.
Selective Hearing Gallery, 3 Minutes of Happiness, San Diego, USA.
Young Blood Gallery, Atlanta, USA.
Wooster Collective Hollywood remix show, New York, USA.
Flagship, Nothing New Under the Sun, San Diego, USA.
Artscape, Portrait show, Baltimore, USA.
Top of the Dome Crewest, Alhambra, USA.
Millicent, The Custom Show, Los Angeles, USA.,
Space 14, Rome, Italy.
Upper Playground, San Francisco, USA.

2005 K-spray, 5  City Asian tour, Tokyo, Seoul, Hong Kong, Taipei, Bangkok
Upper Playground, Islands and Bridges, San Francisco, USA.
Urbis Artium, World of Influence, San Francisco, USA.
Sketchel, Semi-Permanent, Australia.
Melbourne Stencil Festival, Australia.
Gigantic Brand, By the people, for the people, New York, USA.
Workhorse Studios,13 Wheeler, Los Angeles, USA.

2006 K-Spray, Melbourne, Australia.
Stencil Festival, Melbourne, Australia.
Urbis-Artium, San Francisco, USA.
Red Letter1, Ybor City, USA.
Crewest Los Angeles, USA.
LuckyStar Studio, Gallery Night, Milwaukee, USA.

2007 Primary Flight, Miami, USA.
Superplan, 1size/1prize, Berlin, Germany.
NuArt, Nuart Festival, Stavanger, Norway.
Bumbleshoot Festival, Seattle, USA.
Gallery Anne Vignial, Stencil History, Paris, France.

2008 42 Below Gallery, Futureshock Auckland, New-Zealand
Lucky Seven Antwerp, LUCY, Antwerp, Belgium.
Carmichael Gallery, Outside/Inside, Los Angeles, USA.
Sideroom Gallery, Auckland, New-Zealand.
K-Spray, Shanghai, Chine.

2009 Stolen Space Gallery, The Art of Rock, London, England.
NuArt, Skur 2, Stavanger, Norway.
Show and Tell Gallery, Parallel Universe, Toronto, Canada.
Thinkspace Gallery, Modart 20th, Los Angeles, USA. 
Opera Gallery, Nimbus Vapor, New York, USA. 
 Jonathan Levine Gallery, Beach Blanket Bingo, New-York, USA. 
498 Court, Brokenhorse Brooklyn, New York, USA.

2010 Opera Gallery, 2 Person Show, New York, NY

2011 Up Close&Personal, New York, USA.
Go Gallery, Amsterdam, Nederlands.
Known Gallery, Los Angeles, USA.
The Underbelly Show, Miami, USA.

2012 White Walls Gallery, SCOPE, Miami, USA.
Corey Helford, For Dogs Sake, Los Angeles, USA.
Young Blood Gallery, 15 Year Retrospective, Atlanta, USA.
Breze Block Gallery, Space//Form, Portland, USA.
Pop-up, Street Art Show, Oslo, Norway.

2013 Hartlepool Art Gallery, In From The Outside, Hartlepool, Angleterre.
Toe The Line Art Auction, Brooklyn, NY, USA.
Jonathan Levine Gallery, 10 Years of Wooster Collective, New-York, USA.

2014 Caviler Gallery, Message in a Bottle, Nantucket, USA.
Outlier Gallery, Baltimore, USA.
NYC to Tehran / Tehran to NYC, Téhéran, Iran.
Pera Museum, Istanbul, Turkey.
Colab Gallery, Public Provocations, Basel, Switzerland.
Stencil Bastards 3, Zurich, Switzerland.
Miami Marine Stadium Winter Benefit Exhibition, Miami, USA.

2015 Breda Street Art Exhibition, Breda, Nederlands.
Subliminal Projects, Surface, Los Angeles, USA.
GEEKS FOR PEACE, ComicCon, San Diego, USA.
Chandran Gallery, Waves4Water benefit, San Francisco, USA., 
Manifest Justice, Los Angeles, USA.
RR Gallery, New York, USA.

2016 Station 16, Stenciled, Montreal, Canada.
NUNC! Gallery, Paris, France.
Goldman Global Arts, ORIGINALS, Miami, USA., 
Tinney Contemporary, Back to Canvas, Nashville, USA.

2017 Wallworks Gallery, Exposure Group photography show, Bronx, USA.
Wanrooij Gallery, Art Miami, Miami, USA. 
Goldman Global Arts, Miami, USA.  
Kimball Art Center, Thirty Three, Park City, USA.
Wall Works, Urban Art Fair, Brooklyn, NY, USA.
NUNC! Gallery, Urban Art Fair, Paris, France.

2018 Quin Hotel, In bloom, New-York, USA.

2019 Mazel Galerie, Beyond the streets, Brussels, Belgium.
Fluctuart, Veni, Vidi, Vinci, Paris, France.

2020 Galerie Joël Knafo, Winter Group Show, Paris, France.

2021 Mazel Galerie, Break that wall, Brussels, Belgium.
Mazel Galerie, Urban Art Fair, Paris, France

2022 Mazel Galerie, MIA Photo Fair, Milano, Italy.
Mazel Galerie, Urban Art Fair, Paris, France.
Mazel Galerie, District 13 Art Fair (September), Paris, France.